How Can We Have Political Stability in a Country

Political stability is something every country wishes to have but that is not usually the case at all times. So How Can We Have Political Stability in a Country? There are several indicators that show that a country is politically stable.


Democratic governance;

Democratic governance is found in environments that embrace participation of political parties, civil societies, and media access. To sustain this type of governance, separation of government powers exist and are exercised within the contents of law, through the respect for human nature and liberties, and demonstrating responsibility through civil service. It is within standards that you see Democratic governance exercised. Within elections of government officials, who enforce new agendas, place influential leaders over organizations that create standards, and build and destroy relationships with not only global organizations, but other nations. It is through this governance that one day a standard could be recognized, and the next day, due to a new law, the standard could be obsolete and disregarded. Democratic governance is usually an indication that a country is politically stable. This is because it promotes fairness.


Nation building;


This is a very important aspect in Having Political Stability in a Country. The in-country building, it expects patriotism to perceive the wide distinction between the two related terms: solidarity and consistency. In places where there are districts, religious differences, tribes, etc, it will take time to achieve progress if uniformity, and not unity, takes the center stage. Uniformity has to do with a forceful blending of so many opposites who think less or nothing good about the others. One must know ways to relieve tension headaches because this topic is a very stressful one. 


Unity, on the other hand, embraces all, even the mistakes of the other people. It volunteers to accommodate other people’s excesses for the sake of peace, harmony, and development. Where unity is lacked, people operate in isolation. Division leads to political backwardness. In countries where there is division, the people identify themselves with words like Northerners, Southerners, Easterners or Westerners. They even go deeper in splitting themselves according to religious lines. In cases like this, the central government will always find itself playing one religion or one ethnic group against the other. Also, the primary concerns of the nationals will be their ethnic groups rather than their loyalty to the nation thereby severing commercial, cultural and historical ties among the various groups. When nation-building is the core of a country then the political stability of that same nation is realized.


The aspect of political stability is also realized when a country is seen to be able to control the corruption levels. This means that the countries economy is not deteriorating and part of that is due to the fact that the political state of the country is convenient for the growth of the economy. That said, a country there experiences an increase in the value of its currency and hence is able to trade in a healthy manner with other countries. This is greatly attributed to the fact that the countries political condition is stable and no negative political influences are disturbing the peace of the citizens or the national cohesion.